Sole Stories is a year-long initiative highlighting our Club’s impact on childrens’ lives.  Participants in the project have decorated shoes that represent their story, as well as, what the Club means to them.





Sole Stories

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“When I think about Camp Crosby, I think about swimming and going on hikes.”


- Davonna Rhodes


“When I imagine camp there are pool activities, having fun outdoors and a whole bunch of fish.  I can’t wait to look for sea shells too!”


- Eleane Faial


“One of my favorite memories in camp is going to brain gain and creating my own superhero and origin stories.”


- Iris Baird


“What I look forward to doing at camp is painting and drawing.”


- Mariana Taveras


“When I think about Camp Crosby, I picture walking down by the bay, sitting in a circle and sharing scary stories.”


- Sidney Perry


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